I am sure you agree, that dancing is good for building strong bones and getting your body in good shape. While having fun learning how to dance, you will also be interacting with people and make new friends, the fun and simple way. Dance classes may help build lifelong friendships or even love stories. Did you know that Patrick Swayze met his better half Lisa Niemi when she was attending his mother’s dance lessons? Yes, it is true. You may be surprised how many people have found their marriage mate while taking dance lessons. What about you?


Increase your level of Endorphins

I know that you probably want to know about endorphins. What is it? An endorphin is a hormone that your body produces to ease the pain and make you feel calm and happy. It has been proven, that dancing in pairs increases the level of endorphins, which makes people happy and want to be involved in more social activities. This sounds good, doesn’t it? I like to be happy and very likely you do too. When dancing, it is possible to combine two essential things. They are the improvement of social life, and interaction as well as learning a new skill. Alright, what new skill can you learn now, you may ask?


Interaction gives you more confidence

Yes, it is a fact, that if we cooperate with others, it is helping us to acquire higher self-esteem. Have you noticed this before, that cooperating with family or workmates always makes you feel better about yourself?

Boy and girl take dance lessons


The new skill you can learn is social skills. You could be saying that you have social skills, but maybe you are not aware of the skills it includes. It helps build trustworthiness, caring, respectfulness, just to name a few. These skills help a person to become more open-minded and then can increase their confidence. Would you agree? When dancing with a partner, you may want trustworthiness, especially if your partner will spin you around on the dance floor. I am sure you do not want your partner to let go of you at the wrong time and you fall to the ground or they may step all over your feet. These skills come in handy to have when dancing. You will also be having a great time with plenty of fun and maybe laughs.

In addition to acquiring new skills, your confidence can help you cope with the fear you may have in public speaking, or even interacting with strangers. So let’s face it, dancing can help in different areas of your life, for instance, at your workplace when having to give the dreaded speech, or meeting new clients. Really? Yes, it is true. You will have the confidence to face the challenge, all because you were having fun at the dance classes. So let us put on the dance shoes and start building a foundation of new friendships with your newly found confidence.

Dance classes may help build lifelong friendships or even love stories!