Orange County Dance Classes

Our classrooms
of teachers are waiting
to show you how
to dance and
make you shine!
Our dance classes
can change your life
for the better
With love, Sergio and Nataliya
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Our life of

Welcome to the website of our NS DANCING Dance Studio. We are Sergio Besson and Nataliya Kravets. We are dancers. It is not a hobby, it is our life. We both started dancing at 5 years old.
We have more than 25 years of experience teaching and many of our students have become champions, but most of all we love to teach people “from scratch” who never danced before or who have “two left feet”. It’s a true joy for us to give people the ability to express their feelings thru dancing and see them enjoy many social events and parties.

Learn to dance is possible

We have here a few words about what to expect on your first dance lesson:

To start off with, it’s the totally normal reaction to feel this way, because you are going to be outside of your comfort zone. If you will ask us to do your job, we will feel the same way.
Also, you should feel comfortable with your teacher. On the first lesson, we will show you our dance studio (we also have 2 small private ballrooms & usually people like it more in the beginning).
Then we will talk about your goals (which dances would you like to learn, is there a special event coming up etc.)
We will show you first few elements of dance and few steps of a dance by your request, you will get an idea of how it works if you like dancing and our style of teaching.
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Why people love NS Dancing Dance Studio

You can attend dance studio Costa Mesa or Laguna Hills dance classes!

We offer you to try a great variety of dances – the dance list is big since it contains more than 20 dances for any taste and budget. Find out more about the history of dances and select what you like.



We would like to see you in one of our dance studios and we can guarantee you will get enjoyment from being one of our students. Our classes can change your life for the better.

Our dance studio suggests to you one-on-one and group training, master classes, training to prepare you for the grand event and more so. Get to know more to make the right choice! Our dance studio offers many different opportunities:



We will be happy to see you in dance studio Costa Mesa or you can attend Laguna Hills dance classes! Our dance studio family is not hard sellers, so there’s no obligation & no hard feelings if you won’t sign up.

Did you know that dance lessons have so many benefits!

Dancing can make you smarter
Neural connections in the brain

Dance to Keep Your Brain in Shape. Dancing is a right decision to enhance all parts of our body, especially our brain. Not to mention that it is fun to do. When dancing, we activate crucial areas of our brain, which assist us in remembering and learning as well as protecting us from developing mental diseases. How is this possible? Let us find out.

Dancing can give you a figure you have always dreamed about
Slim girl measures the size of the waist

Lose weight the fun way. To stay happy, healthy and slim, I am sure you will agree that you have to put forth a great deal of effort or you can choose an easier way by dancing. Dance classes are good for losing extra pounds, which prevent you from living a full life. I think many people want to lose some extra weight these days.