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The dance on stilts
Dancing on stilts

Friends, if you like interesting and unusual dances, then this article is for you! Dancing on stilts is amazing art! To embody it, the artists need to have incredible energy and physical strength. Tricks, play and more like a magnet attract the viewer’s attention. Now you will find out how dancing on stilts is so beautiful, in which countries it is popular and what lies behind the big giants on the stage.

Dance of one thousand-hands
Thousand Hands Guan Yin Dance 01

How little we know about the culture of Asian countries! And how many unknown things in front of us can open up. The delightful heritage of the cultures of the Eastern peoples is the Thousand Hand Guan Yin dance. Dive right now with us into the multifaceted world of this art. Believe us, you will admire this dance and will be surprised by its rich history.

Tanoura – Egyptian folk dance
Dancer performs Egyptian Tanoura - 01

Friends, have you ever heard of Tanoura? If you have ever been to Egypt, then most likely you realize that this is a dance with skirts. This is a real Egyptian miracle! To dive into the mysterious world of Tanoura, you do not need to go to Egypt. Right now you will learn all the most exciting about the ancient Tanoura dance!

Dance and Your Body and Mind Will Be Grateful You Did
Guys dancing on the beach at sunset

It is impossible to stay young your whole life, even though many wish they could. There is a solution to being healthy and capable of having a productive life. It is dancing! I like hearing this idea of dancing. Dancing activity is of benefit to all parts of our bodies, including mind and even soul. Would you like to know how? Just read it.

Dance and soccer: amazing how similar they are
Dancing soccer players 01

Do you still think that dance is a female class? And you are sure that soccer and dance are so different that these words cannot even fit in one sentence? Today, you will learn how much dancing artists and soccer players have in common. We will reveal all the secrets about the benefits and effectiveness of dancing for sporting results. Do not doubt, this article will turn your mindset and make you look at the dance and soccer in a new way!

10 Amazing Facts About Dancing!
Image of Michael Jackson

These 10 facts about dancing really surprise you!