Maybe you are asking yourself this question: “How are dances an important school subject?” Well, I would like to give you some details on why. Many students find that when they finish their schooling, whether it is primary school or the university, they start taking dance classes. Really? You might say, how come?
Students consider dances as a good way to relax, feel cool and confident because dance lessons are playing a far more influential role in their lives.


People have split down the middle on this issue.

An expert in education and creativity, Ken Robinson, claims that dancing is as significant for human development as math. Yes, believe it or not, he said Math!
One group supports the idea, another one speaks out against it.

According to Robinson, dancing is of the same importance as languages, science or math and along with them, has a great impact on children’s general education. Sounds good, does not it? What is your opinion?


Dancing has social power.

This fact has been proven by Charlotte Svendler Nielsen and Stephanie Burridge, who established the value of dancing worldwide. The styles and traditions of dancing provide a new concept of intelligence and show the effectiveness that the power of dance can have on all people even children. Who does not want their children to have high intelligence along with great social power? I think most parents would like this for their children. Would you?

Dancing kids 04


Would you like to attend a Dance Class?

I really want to and I do. What about you? Believe me, you will not regret this decision. After being participants of the “Dancing Classroom”, students of the elementary and middle schools in the most challenging districts in the country became more respectful, compassionate and cooperative.


Sign up for the subject of Dance.

I have already done it. If you have not, Just Do It.  Now that you have read the good outcome from dancing, maybe you feel more confident to sign your child and even yourself, for taking dance lessons. Parents, teachers, and headmasters have observed proper behavior and good academic achievements in students of dance classes.

No doubt that dances are as important as other school subjects. Would you like to know how dances are important in your life? In the next article, we will discuss it. See you soon!

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The results of a survey in Los Angeles, 66% of school headmasters claimed that after participating in the dancing program, their students had become more tolerant and respectful. Parents do not this sound encouraging!

... dancing is of the same importance as languages, science or math.