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Photo of a couple dancing the Quickstep

Have you ever heard that quickstep became so popular in Britain because it was a good way to get warm in under-heated houses? Sounds quite interesting, is it not?

Quick Step is a smooth and elegant dance, which as well as foxtrot is notable for its quickness and energetic nature. These qualities give quickstep dance a beautiful look, providing a good exercise for dancers. After broadcasting such TV shows as “So You Think You Can Dance”, “World of Dance”, “Dancing with Stars” people across Canada and many countries of European Union have begun to learn the quickstep and joined quickstep lessons.

Brief history and famousness in America

Foxtrot lovers, dancing it at the balls and dance evenings were dissatisfied with its tempo since some slow foxtrot elements were difficult to dance. This is how Quickstep emerged.

Quickstep motherland is England, where it started it`s history in the middle of 1920 as a speedy version of foxtrot, but it has also been said it got started from New York.

Becoming a combination of such dances as Charleston, shimmy and black bottom, American youth was in raptures over rousing quickstep, because of diverse bounds and turns. Fast tempo gives all the flying movements and swift nature, combining it with lifting, jumps, and bows.

Where to dance

Today quickstep is the dance to perform on any occasion you want, it can be:

  • dancing event
  • festive occasion
  • anniversary
  • wedding
  • ball
  • prom

Since quickstep is a joyful dance, many people mainly choose it and are looking for quickstep dance studios.

Our dance studio provides you the right basis to dance. We encourage you to explore the dancing world and dance first for your body and soul. Become one of those people, who have chosen us and have not regretted it. Express yourself through the quickstep motions.

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Become one of those people, who have chosen us and have not regretted it.