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Dance studios are crowded with people of different ages, nationalities, figures. Attending dance classes, you stay healthy, extend the circle of acquaintances. Tango dance is a surefire way to do it. Today tango has become one of the favorite dances in Paris, Germany, Spain and around the USA. Tango lovers visit tango dance lessons and then gather at the dancing clubs, take part in both career and amateur tournaments, dance all together in the streets.

Tango. Its history and vogue

Tango-his idea began to form in the 15th century. It was originally conceived as a dance for women but later began to resemble a small theatrical action for couple dancers. Later there was a special genre of music, that won its expressiveness through the heart of millions. The popularity of Tango is shown by the films “The Smell of women”, “Keep the Rhythm”, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, “Let’s Dance” and “Frida”. Springing up in Argentina, and consisting of different styles, which were developed in multiple Argentine and Uruguayan regions. Tango reflects changes and impact, asserting from Europe, North America, Spain, and Cuba. Argentine, International, and American tangos are the most popular types.

Argentine Tango

This dance is the result of different cultures and the local Latin music mixture. Argentine tango has no rules for both steps and tempo; it is considered as a close embrace and danced to romantic music.

Photo of dancers performing the Argentine Tango

International Tango

It is the flat dance without a regular rise and fall. International Tango is characterized by simple figures.

American Tango

This one is Argentine`s tango variation. It is a true performance, involving expressive and dramatic movements. Dancers perform in closed and opened positions.

Tango started gaining its popularity throughout the 1920s and 1930s. In that time, dance appeared in films, and tango dancers traveled the world; this is what made many people fall in love with tango. The Great Depression period cut out tango and its fans.
In the 1980s tango reclaimed popularity. Since then people are eager to learn how to dance the tango and started going to tango dance lessons.

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