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Photo of couple performing a Waltz

Did you know that waltz dance became the first touch dancing where a lady and a gentleman were a close dance pair, notably the man embraced the lady’s waist and looked into her eyes? Back in the time, it went against the grain. However, today’s waltz is widely thought to be the grandfather of ballroom dances. Despite having a scandalous reputation, the waltz is one of the most beautiful dances people across the USA and Europe want to learn to dance.

Waltz popularity

Emerging nearly 300 years ago, Waltz has always been notable for its gracefulness, lightness, and quickness. Its diversity caught the fancy of the residents from the world at large. That is why not even one event passes without the waltz — weddings, proms, dancing parties. Waltz studios are crowded with those who wish to learn to dance the waltz. At our waltz lessons, you will not face any difficulties learning to dance, even considering the fact there are three kinds of the waltz, which have their own history and hallmarks.

International Waltz

This waltz stands out with close partner positions, the couple never breaks the embrace. In a freestyle, the man is a leader, he chooses what moves to do and his partner has to read his signals and follow.

Photo of couple performing a Viennese Waltz

American Waltz

American Waltz is also known as American Slow Waltz or just Boston which hails from Boston city. Slow Waltz was born in the second half of the 18th century from European folk dances. This waltz is characterized by graceful rise and fall motion. It is much slower; this is why this waltz contains different elements – rises and falls. This dance feature consists of closed positions and absolutely no loss of contact between partners.

Viennese Waltz

This dance originates from the romantic period in Vienna and Austria. It is a highly energetic dance, which stands out for its speed, elegant turns, and clockwise rotations. Due to the Johann Strauss waltz, it remains the most popular in dance studios.

Choose the right floor to start learning to dance! Come and learn the waltz-like millions of people all over the world have enjoyed dancing. Make one step to our studio and we will help you to make more steps and enjoy this beautiful dance.

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