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In Spain people who are fond of dancing set a record, a total of 3868 dancers performed to Pérez Prado’s Mambo No. 5 for 5 minutes. Such a great collective Mambo dance!
So why do people enjoy this dance and visit mambo dance classes?

We can give answers!

Mambo History

Initially, Mambo was not an independent genre but rather a type of Danzón, a dance style having African-Argentina roots.


Mambo dance originated in Cuba in the 1940s owing to Afro-Cuban rhythm fusion. It was not accepted by many people.


The peak of Mambo popularity started in the 1950s. Mambo got thanks due to the movie industry. You may know it from such famous films as “And God Created Woman” and “The Mambo Kings”. It motivated people all over the USA to go to Mambo classes and learn how to dance it.


Over the last decades, Mambo has changed a lot. However, the number of the Mambo dance studio attendants is growing up. That is why it is still popular among not only advanced dancers but also beginners, who want to experience the temper of Mambo.

Mambo Characteristics

Mambo is a fascinating dance for a reason. As with many Latin kinds of dances, it has a spicy nature. It is danced fast to rousing rhythms. Mambo is notable for:

  • Small staccato steps
  • Quick-slow rhythm
  • A big number of swivels and spins
  • Hip motions (Cuban motion)
  • Danced to either fast or slow tempo

Mambo has diverse motions, so it is not compared to any other dance. All transformations Mambo went through made it absolutely unique.

Attending our Mambo dance lessons, you will be able to learn to dance its vigorous and beautiful movements, which made Mambo one the favorite dances at the parties, balls and evening functions. We are waiting for you. Mambo dance class is about to start!

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