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Merengue is a quicksilver pair dance, which origin is not still established. There are many diverse versions, how Merengue dance came into being, but all of them make this dance intriguing.


Why do people attend Merengue classes?


People adore the atmosphere that Merengue creates as well as its flowing motions. Considering this, almost everyone wants to learn to dance it, so they can sparkle at any event, be it a wedding ceremony or any festivity where there is dancing.

Merengue origin

The Dominican Republic is considered Merengue’s motherland, but it is not known what the real birthplace of Merengue is. Some believe the dance developed as a blend of African, Central American and European roots; others think that Merengue’s motherland is the Dominican Republic.


There is more than one legend about Merengue. One tells a story about a one-legged sailor, who wanted to dance. Limping and dragging his wooden leg on the beaches of Dominican, thus Merengue steps were created.


Merengue dance lessons are loved all over the Central American regions, especially in the Dominican Republic, Caribbean and Haiti because of a huge amount of smooth motions, light temper, and simplicity

Merengue peculiarities

Merengue is a relaxed, unrushed dance type. Its rhythms and grace cannot leave anyone cold. But apart from the beautiful motions, Merengue is loved because of its music.


The main features of the Merengue dance are:


  • Rotating hip motions
  • Body weight is on one leg
  • Swift leg motions
  • Torso rotation
    Fast shoulder-shaking
  • Motion simplicity
  • Little space to dance

Our Merengue classes are always open to you. Show an appearance and you will never want to leave since Merengue especially deserves your attention and time. Learning Merengue with us, you will enjoy each of your steps. Join and dance with pleasure!

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