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Paso Doble dance is not as widespread as many other Latin dances, but this is what makes it the unique and precious temper. Today this dance is gaining in fandom, captivating people all over the United States and Europe.


The number of those wishing to learn to dance the Paso Doble is rising with every passing day. People choose Paso Doble and begin dance classes to combine a dance, a story and vivid feelings. It is all about Paso Doble.


Paso Doble idea: The man is a key character in this dance. He is a bullfighter – Torero, whose main role is to lead his partner. The follower is the role of the partner since she is Torero’s cape. Her role is to do circular steps around her partner.

Paso Doble origin

Unlike many other Latin style dances, Paso Doble’s origin has nothing in common with Africa. Having a Spanish bullfight tradition as a foundation of its story, Paso Doble dance was created in France in 1930s. In such a manner, two different nations became its founders – France gave names for Paso Doble motions, Spain gave powerful rhythms and music as well as bravery and pride of Spain folks.

Paso Doble dance features

Paso Doble is an ideal means for dancers to show a strong personality – all steps are hard and accompanied with sensuous, artistic hand motions.
The main Paso Doble dance features and steps are:


  • Steps are led with heel
  • Upright body posture
  • Staccato motions
  • Sharp and fast motions
  • Head up
  • Chest high
  • Several postures to be synchronized with the music highlights
  • The body goes before the foot
  • The man is a lead partner

In our Paso Doble dance studio, we are looking to bring out your full potential. Choosing our Paso Doble lessons, you opt for power and strength. We know how to instruct you to dance, so get much joy and pleasure.

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