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The emotions of American Rhythm dancing has been spreading all over the world – from Spain, Brazil, Latin America, and Canada, people are fond of it. Passion dances are still capturing the world – there is an increasing number of rhythm dance studios and consequently the increasing number of rhythm class attendants.

Dances advantages

Modern author Jess C. Scott confirmed that “a fit, healthy body – this is the best fashion statement” and that is true. Americans like to take care of their health and prefer to do it with pleasure. People have been encouraged to associate training with fun, getting fit and being happy. This is where rhythm lessons make it possible to:

When attending our dance classes, we can provide you with the benefits of making new friends, boosting your confidence, relaxing, and be feeling better. Depending on your goals, the different Rhythm dances are great for social dancingcompetitions, and parties.


We teach you not only how to dance, but also how to feel and control your body, by learning the rhythm and developing the sense of style. We are all dancers, so we should dance while we still can.

American Rhythm classification and historical background

American Rhythm is one of the Latin dance style categories. It has passionate Latin tones and the moves vary from flowing and fluent to accurate and saucy.  This subgroup consists of the following dances:

  • Rumba
  • Swing
  • Hustle
  • Bolero
  • Cha-Cha

Except for Swing, which appeared in America in the middle of the 1920s,  these dances are of African and Cuban origins. All of these dances are noted for fast dance rhythm, impassioned energetic moves and hip rotations, Cuban motions. Rhythm dances are commonly danced to modern-day Latin American music, but they can also be danced to by any musical style from Jazz to Hip Hop.


However, all these dance styles are under one category, they have their own history and peculiarities.


For example, Rumba the dance of love used to be a wedding dance. These days Rumba is a story is about a woman teasing a man and leaving him for another man. This dance stands out for the hip and arm movements. It’s more of a sensual dance.


What is Swing all about? This dance is characterized by crazy energy and style. The main thing in Swing is the steps; rock step, triple step.


The Hustle appeared in the 1970s and rapidly became favorite teenagers dance. It is a mix of Swing and Disco. Hustle came forward thanks to energetic turns. But it is not only about spins, Hustle can even contain acrobatic motions.


Bolero is danced to slow music, which makes it romantic, and smooth but at the same time gives a powerful feeling. As a rule, this dance represents a story about two people falling in love.


Cha-Cha is a flirtatious dance with a sense of fun. This dance is typified by quick and sharp moves. With Cha-Cha the emphasize should be placed on rhythm.


These are the basic frameworks of our rhythm dance studio. We will be happy to see you become a part of our dancing family.

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