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Having Cuban and Spanish roots, Bolero attracts people with its smooth motions and slow, feeling rhythm. Because of romantic nature and graceful movements, with each passing year, people of all ages have been encouraged to learn to dance Bolero and attend Bolero lessons.

Bolero dance history and characteristics

The earliest history takes us to the period when Bolero dance was a solo dance, performed just by women. This social dance was influenced by many nationalities – it traveled from Cuba to Mexico, and finally to Latin America. However, today it is danced as a partner dance, with a rich history, which formed its temper.

Why is Bolero dance so all-liked among Americans, Latinos, and Europeans? This dramatic dance with gliding motions combines elements from such dances as:

  • Falls and rises from Waltz
  • Hip motions and Latin rhythms from Rumba
  • Body motions from Tango

Beautiful movements and simplicity of steps make this dance beloved, so the number of people, who have started attending Bolero dance lessons, is getting more and more.

Bolero dance styles

Bolero dance is famous not only for its nature but for its styles as

  • Fandango
  • Cuban Bolero
  • The American Bolero


We invite you to get closer with Bolero dance and take part in our Bolero dance classes. Our team appreciates each of our students and pays individual attention to them. Become one of the ones, who have made the right choice and dance for themselves, but with us!

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