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One, two, cha-cha-cha! Do you know that Cha-Cha is a useful way of staying healthy and cheering you up? Bubbly and cutesy Cha-Cha dance is notable for its flirty manner, feeling of fun and merriness nature, which capture the vast populace of lots of people all over the USA and Western Europe. When people want to relax and get funky, they choose Cha-Cha dance lessons!

History of Cha-Cha

Emerging in Cuba in 1940s, Cha-Cha evolved from the Cuban Mambo. However, how did it happen? Enrique Jorrin is the originator, wanted to create a special rhythm to remember with ease. Experimenting, the composer created MamboRumba rhythm, which laid the foundation to Cha-Cha – dance with a slower tempo and music.


In 1954 Cha-Cha burst into America and instantly took the place of Mambo. The new sound including wind instruments – saxophones, trombones, and trumpets made Cha-Cha more lively and full of vigorous which sparked Americans to learn to dance the Cha-Cha and start dance lessons.


Cha-Cha features

Probably, if catch yourself thinking “I want to dance the Cha-Cha”, it is high time to join Cha-Cha studio. But firstly, get to know more about it peculiarities.

This dance is marked by small but quick steps and famous Cuban hip motions, where dancer’s hips move up and down. Dancers perform Cha-Cha in parallel with each other, that is why it is so important to synchronize every motion.

Music for Cha-Cha

A great range of songs and tempos suits to Cha-Cha dance, because it can be danced at any speed. Whatever song you choose, it should produce jolly and merry temper. Active music and dynamic movements make this dance special as well as desirable to attend Cha-Cha dance lessons.
Thousands of people have chosen Cha-Cha dance because of its passion and simplicity. We suggest you dance the Cha-Cha with us since we make every dance class unique. You will feel the dynamic energy when you step into our classes so take rational footwear – Cha-Cha dance tutorial is starting!

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