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Have you ever heard about Jive? Did you even know that Jive dance is a lively dance and variation of the Jitterbug, because of its quick speed and bouncy nature? However, despite criticism and disapproval, Jive had become popular among the great variety of people and before long stole the scene of the mainstream audience. So, if you are thinking about starting Jive dance classes, do not hesitate – fast and jolly dance will not leave your heart and body cold!

Jive origin

As well as many other ball dances, Jive dance has African-American roots, which makes it all-loved around the USA. Initially, Jive originated in the United States in the 1930s – it emerged in the World War II period, but hard times didn’t have any negative impact on these dances development or popularity.


Evolving and changing, Jive entered social dance competitions – at that moment the dance was a bit slower but kept its energetic character. Today Jive is a modern dance, which is getting more popular – Jive dance studios are crowded since everybody wants to experience the pre-rock and roll period and have much fun!

Jive features

Jive is a favorable dance not only because of its dynamic temper, but also an all-around dance. If you want to dance to something by being outstanding at any party and event, Jive hits the spot.


Being fast and furious, Jive consists of:


  • knee-lifting
  • bouncing movements
  • bending
  • the rocking of the hips
  • kicks
  • flicks
  • women’s twirling

Admit that Jive dance is full of fun and joy, also a good workout at the same time! Our Jive studio is looking forward to you! If you want to learn to Jive, meet new people, then come to our Jive dance classes near you. Make time out to enroll in the Jiving lessons today!

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