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It is an interesting fact, despite considering a flirty and spicy dance, at the beginning rumba, was a wedding dance. It was a story about married couples.

Today Rumba dance has grown in popularity thanks to the Latin-American melodies, African rhythms, and passionate body movements. People all over the world choose this dance and resort to Rumba lessons to keep themselves on their toes and relax.

History facts

Initially, Rumba was a ritual dance and appeared in 1913. Developing and being influenced by many nationalities, this dance gained many features typical for blues music.


Rumba is a mix of Cuban dances and African rhythms, so having the Afro-Cuban origin, this dance reached the peak of popularity at the beginning of the 20th century.

Contemporary worlds Rumba

In the modern world, Rumba goes over well among Americans and Europeans – you can learn the Rumba, attending either group or private lessons.
What makes people adore Rumba and learn to dance it? These characteristics
form modern dance:


  • emotionality
  • dramatic and fast music
  • smooth arm and hip motions
  • simple forward and backward steps

Dancing is always a work ethic, but in our Rumba studio, we know how to make it easier and joyful. We invite you to join our dance classes to get the skill you will enjoy the rest of your life!

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