A sound mind is a sound body. How many of us have heard this saying many times? I know I have, and at the same time, it is a true statement. Good news! Dancing can help you in this area. Dancing improves the physical condition as well as mental activity favorably.

Let us face the facts on getting older, not only does our body go through a range of unfortunate transformations, but also our brain. It is harder to remember new information or just recall, where you have put your glasses. How many times have you asked someone: “Where did I put my glasses?”

However, there is a solution. No, it is not memory pills – the solution is to dance!


Dances vs dementia

As we age, we have a risk of cognitive decline and developing diseases like different types of dementia, for instance, Alzheimer’s. This may not be a topic people like to discuss, but there is something that will help.

A study conducted in 2009 in the dementia care unit, that 67% of patients attending dance lessons, were observably less agitated. This is really good to know, that dancing helps even with agitation.

How many of us get agitated every day even over small things? Do not stay agitated, instead, start dancing.

Dancing improves mental activity photo 01


Big and strong Mr. Brain

I think that maybe you are wondering about this title. I always think of just having my brain remember things. Are you the same way? Have you ever thought that while you were dancing your cognitive skills were improving?

That is because your brain is getting ready for prime learning. Dancing increases the blood flow and pumps it to the brain so that it starts being filled with glucose and oxygen to function properly.

It helps your brain obtain, process, remember and store new information easily. I am sure you never thought that so much activity is going on inside your brain while you are having fun dancing.

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Did you know that glucose is crucial for good cognitive functioning? Our brains rely on this source of energy. We also need physical activity. I know you have heard this before, ” Move it or lose it!” You don’t want to lose it, do you? I am sure not. We definitely want to keep our brain and body functioning. Let us move our body to the dance classes and your brain and body will thank you for it.

Dancing works better than other activities, … it makes us think.