Since the inception of the Embassy Ballroom Championships, namely since 1980, the event has become one of the most ambitious annual dance events in the United States. Every year – this event becomes a meeting place for reigning world champions, as well as stars of past years. Here you can meet the most titled ballroom dancers: Riccardo Cocci and Julia Zagoruichenko (eight-time world champions in Latin American dancing), Nick Cheremukhin and Victoria (American Smooth champions) and many others.

Participation and cost of 2019 Embassy Ballroom Championships

2019 Embassy Ballroom (LOGO)
First of all, the main part of the competition is given to professional dancers from many countries, such as the USA, England, France, Spain, and others. Here participants will be able to perform in the categories Professional American Smooth, Rhythm. Age groups start from 12 years. Therefore, young dancers can also show their talent on the big stage in front of famous judges.
Also on certain days of the championship, amateurs also have the opportunity to perform and demonstrate their abilities at Amateur Ballroom& Latin Championships.
In the Embassy Ballroom Championships will be both solo and pair dances. The cost of participation varies from 45 to 160 dollars. Anyone who wants to take part in competitions can fill out special registration forms on the official website of the event.

Where the championship will be organized?

By tradition, the championship will be held at the Irvine Hotel in California. Here is the exact address: 17900 Jamboree Rd, Irvine, CA 92614. The hotel provides the best conditions of stay for dancers and guests of the event. It is better to plan your stay at the Irvine Hotel in advance due to the congestion during the Embassy Ballroom Championships.
2019 Embassy Ballroom (announcement)

Schedule Embassy Ballroom Championships

The championship will be held from August 28th – September 1st, 2019. During these days during the dance event, 10 sessions will be held in the morning and evening. Every day will include both amateur tournaments and competitions among professionals. In addition, the results of the intermediate stages, as well as the names of the winners will be published on the official website of the event.
By the way, the most pleasant moment: on August 31 the embassy will especially hold a free lecture approximately after 3 o’clock in the afternoon. This is a happy chance to get valuable knowledge and experience from the best in the business. The lecture will be held by Forrest Vance, Victor Fung, and Anastasia Muravyova and other titled world champions. Do not miss the opportunity to talk with the stars of the world of dance and get trained at the highest level.

Prize fund

Of course, the winners and finalists of the Embassy Ballroom Championships will be rewarded with cash. The largest cash prize is $2500 for the first place in the Open Professional Ballroom and Latin.

Yes, and yes again!

Anyone who wants to be in this magical place of beauty, grace and competitive spirit can become a guest of the Embassy Ballroom Championships. You can also book tickets for the event in advance on the official website

Can you become a guest of the Embassy Ballroom Championships?