Dance competition

Photo dancing shoes feet and legs of female and male couple ballroom

Our competitive dance studio claims, that dance competitions are an efficient way to observe the result of your dancing activity, which gives you lots of bright and positive emotions! Many dancers of all levels do not miss the chance to take part in such kind of shows, because of outstanding costumes, vivid atmosphere, and a second-to-none experience.



What do we suggest

Taking part in the dance competitions, you perform with either your partner or instructor to feel more comfortable and free.


Our students dance in their age group and level category. There are no limits, it does not matter, what level you have to participate in. Dance competitions are held for:


  • Beginners
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Open levels

Depending on the student’s time, destination and goals, the most appropriate event is chosen.

When and where are dance competitions held

We provide competitions in such places as Orange County. Four competitions a year in the «South Coast Plaza» area. Las Vegas- Six competitions a year. A few competitions in San Francisco.
Now students have a chance to choose the location they want to have events hosted. The most popular, because of their exotic nature, are Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Cuba, which are found as inspiring places to dance and rest.
We extend the bounders, so there are many competitions in Europe, including France, Italy, Netherlands, and Russia. Students also acquire an opportunity to perform in England, since 2017 they can become a part of the «Blackpool Dance Festival», one of the most prestigious and popular dance competitions in the world. Students not only participate in the competitions but also get to know other cultures and relax.

Dance competitions advantages

Participating in the dance competitions, you get emotions that you may have never experienced before. To begin with, costumes and variety of make-up which makes you look and feel special as if you are a star. Competitions help many students to overcome stage fright, barriers, anxiety, and self-doubt. It is cool to realize, you manage to master your fears and be able to do something amazing.
Dance competitions are not about being better than somebody else, but about getting over all the fears and appreciating your efforts and labor. Trying it at least once, dance competitions may become an essential part of your dance activity, since they always leave an imprint on dancers and give them more motivation and desire to dance and glow!

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