For beginners

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If you would like to start dancing, we do not know of another place as good as our dance studio for beginners. Our teachers go by comprehensive methods to bring you into a dance world with ease.


For people, who have never tried dancing, beginner dance classes attendance is a great step, does not require much courage. We appreciate your desire of wanting to learn to dance and love to dance!


What are our dance classes for adult beginners?


It is a private lesson with a running time of 45 minutes. Students always choose the convenient time and day of the week they want to have a lesson. We also offer weekend dance classes, so you can be sure, we will find a place for you.


Dance lesson starts with quite simple steps and motions to get you moving on the dance floor. Then you will move onto more complicated steps and figures. As part of the process, you start performing little routines. In such a manner, depending on your skills and how you make progress, you move forward in your dancing goals.


Attending beginner dance classes you broaden your horizons, experience something new and challenging. Dances improve coordination skills, help lose extra weight, develop right body posture and strengthen all the muscles.


Push your way out of the comfort zone and you will be impressed with the ease and beauty of the dance world we open for you. Dreams come true with us! Even after a few dance classes, you will feel comfortable and confident at any event you visit! Come and check our classes out!

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