Private dance lessons

Woman and man in dance school learning

Private lessons are the right way to achieve desirable results in a short period. We invite you to try our private dance lessons, if you are looking for a personal approach, have a particular dance aim or even just are not comfortable to learn in a group.


Each private lesson lasts 45 minutes. You can schedule it on the most convenient day and time for you. If you want to come with your partner, we offer you such kind of variant. Private dance classes can be given individually or with your partner.



Private dance class benefits

Dance lessons are built on your needs, desires, and rate of development. The teacher provides you with a deeper learning process, so you can get good results. You will have specialized and personalized attention from the instructor. It will help you develop and improve your skills faster.


We know that everybody learns differently. Some people are more engineered minded and need more explanations while others are more visual. Then there are ones that are more artistic and learn throughout expression. There are also the conservative people, they prefer to learn classical dances ( WaltzTangoFoxtrot ) rather than ( RumbaSalsaCha-Cha ). One on one lesson is fun and comfortable. You can focus on dancing and make progress at your own pace. No stress, no distractions, no pressure.


Instructors from our studio adjust their teaching methods to your goals, level, personality and how you learn. Private dance lessons are good for all levels, it is the perfect decision for beginners, so they have their personal dance guide. If you are preparing for special events like birthday, wedding, anniversary, you might get ready by attending private classes to make meaningful progress within a short time.


Hurry up! We suggest having the first complementary private lesson! See you soon!

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