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Welcome to our professional dance studio, where you have a chance to become a part of the dance world and get to know this art closer!


Here in our studio, we deal with different levels and goals. Today we meet more and more people, who are proud of their high dance level and, hence, are looking for professional dance lessons, knowing they will be in safe hands.


We love challenges, that is why our professional dance school is a combination of all levels, including professional, – we have a passion within our heart to help you learn dancing to achieve your goal and dreams. We feel fulfilled when we know we are helping you reach that point.

Our experience and the way to success

We are masters of dancing as we both started dancing by the age of 5, and we hold titles on multiple European nations. Our long way was passed to obtain what we have because we put in a lot of time and became dedicated to dancing, this gave us the chance to teach you to dance.


We have over 20 years experience in training – apart from our students, we helped many well-known dancers to achieve their goals and become true professionals. It does not matter what level you are on, as long as you have a desire to move up, soaring to new heights and establishing new goals! We are looking forward to seeing you even attend our professional ballroom dance classes. Attending our professional dance classes, we will make sure, that even sophisticated figures and steps are fun and fascinating to learn and there are no limits – just enough room for improvements. Dance with us and win!

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