Julie Crawshaw, Long Beach, CA

“I have been dancing with Sergio for 8 years. First in Latin and now in West Coast Swing. I met Sergio after my dance partner got injured. I loved competing but after a few years had a child and gave in up for a while. I LOVE dancing and I LOVE these two people so after a little bit of time off I went back to them and started WCS. As usual Sergio is brilliant. Nataliya is always super supportive and I love it when she has input for me and Sergio. Sergio is such a technician, he makes me such a better dancer. I have a renewed love of competition now but more importantly I dance for myself. These two are happy for me whether I compete or not and that means a lot. I highly recommend them to ALL levels of dancers!”

Elena Hill, Aliso Viejo, CA

I am very impressed with beautiful dance and technical skills of both Natalya and Sergio from NS Dancing. Their outstanding ability to teach and pass on their knowledge to the students. Their classes are very energetic, full of passion and love for dance. My 8-year old daughter is always excited about her dance classes with them.

She started taking classes sometime in February. Over the quick period of time she learned basics of 4 dances and in June took part in Great Gatsby Gala competition where she was awarded first and second places for her dances. It’s a beautiful sport and I’m happy for my daughter to be part of it.

Iryna Kubitska, Anaheim, CA

“Let me share with you my nothing but magical experience with Nataliya and Sergio dance instructors. Thanks to their gentle touch, patience and professionalism my very shy daughter in few months gained confidence, grace and the most important she learned to dance. Do not miss the opportunity of discovering your little ones from a totally different perspective, Nataliya and Sergio are very capable of doing it. Allow them to make your dreams come true!”

Ray Boggio, Laguna Woods, CA

“Over the years I have enjoyed social dancing. However, three years ago I decided to formalize my training in the various disciplines of ballroom dancing. After about 1 year of training at different studios I decided to do a few showcase dances and tried competing. The results at these attempts were fair to average, but not at the level of dancing I wanted to attain.

One year ago I started training with Nataliya at NS Dancing Studio. Within a couple months both my Ballroom and Rhythm skills greatly increased. I was told by several dance social dance partners that I was much easier to follow, and in turn their skills increased by dancing with me.

I started to do some really well choreographed showcase dances which well very well received. I also started to compete again and my scores with some of the most respected and experienced judges have gone up.

I highly recommend training and coaching with Nataliya and Sergio at this studio.”

Roxanne Kargl, Laguna Niguel, CA

“Nataliya and Sergio are truly committed to giving you the best dancing instruction. They have perfectly balanced combination of technique, practice, and fun in a well structured teaching system unrivaled by none. I can truly say that after having many dance instructors in my dance trajectory, I am truly satisfied with their instruction because I can see the results in my dancing…! Things that didn’t make sense before are very easily explained by Nataliya and Sergio as they have the most comprehensive teaching system for all levels of dancers. Whether you are just starting, or want to make dancing your career, they will bring your dancing to the next level! The level you want to be in.”

Mayumi Pastick, Mission Viejo, CA

“I am so glad I found NS Dancing. Nataliya and Sergio are THE WORLD CLASS Ballroom Champions and THE BEST TEACHER!! I just started lesson with Sergio a month ago and WON my first Ballroom dance trophy!! WOW!! I love their passions of dancing and teaching, basic techniques and forms are amazing. They have a classes and lessons from kids to adults any ages. I just bring my grandson to first time lesson and he loved it. They have a goal to bring students as high as you want to be. They do also choreograph weddings for the Bride and Grooms the best interests. They love to dance and teaching not only that they are very busy parents as well. I encourage everyone to check their website and make a call. They have in two locations, Laguna Hills and Costa Mesa. It is very easy access to the freeways. You will become a one happy dancer!”

Kiyomi and Neil Richards, Irvine, CA

“Sergio is an incredible teacher and dancer. He understands how each person learns and can adjust his teaching to the student’s abilties . He can teach incredible technique to people like us who started dancing after 50+ years old. We have learned so much in the last year and half to the point we are actually enjoying dancing as a competitive amateur couple.”

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