Testimonial from our students Ray Boggio NS DANCING photo

Ray Boggio, Laguna Woods, CA

Over the years I have enjoyed social dancing.  However, three years ago I decided to formalize my training in the various disciplines of ballroom dancing. After about 1 year of training at different studios I decided to do a few showcase dances and tried competing.  The results at these attempts were fair to average, but not at the level of dancing I wanted to attain.

One year ago I started training with Nataliya at NS Dancing Studio.  Within a couple months both my Ballroom and Rhythm skills greatly increased.  I was told by several dance social dance partners that I was much easier to follow, and in turn their skills increased by dancing with me.

I started to do some really well choreographed showcase dances which well very well received.  I also started to compete again and my scores with some of the most respected and experienced judges have gone up.

I highly recommend training and coaching with Nataliya and Sergio at this studio.