The best dance festivals in the world are annually organized in the USA, Europe, and also in different countries. Remind you we have told you about dance events and competitions in this article. А task of all global dance festivals is not just to show a beautiful and unforgettable show. Organizers show how dancing is available for people of any skill level. Dancing is always open for beginners and provides opportunities for talent development. And now let’s find out what dance festivals are waiting for us in 2019.

Blackpool Dance Festival

Where: Blackpool, England
When: May 23-31, 2019
Photo of Blackpool Dance Festival
This is one of the best dance festivals in Europe in 2019. Its history began back in 1920 in the Winter Garden in Blackpool. Since that time, this event has become a great tradition, which is remembered every year.
This festival is held for 9 days. At this time performances of ballroom and Latin dances will represent lots of countries. Both professional and amateurs will show advanced skills here. The peculiarity of this festival role is that it includes the UK Championship for adult couples and teams. In total, participants in this festival will be representatives from more than 60 countries!

Wonderful New York Dance Festival

Where: New York, USA
When: February 21-24, 2019
Photo of New York Dance Festival
The wonderful world of dance provides great opportunities to express you and show people your feelings and emotions by movement and music. The New York Dance Festival is the best event among dance festivals that combines professional and amateur Latin and ballroom performers. The world artists will show talent on a big stage, competing with strong rivals.

Galaxy Dance Festival by the NDCA

Where: Arizona, USA
When: September 12-15, 2019
Photo of Galaxy Dance Festival
This is a dance open festival for solo and couples of all levels of training. This is a great place for beginners to try themselves in the role of artists on a large scale, and experienced artists showed a high level of skill.
Among event, participants will be not only American but also foreign artists. At the Galaxy Dance Festival is always a big competition, because here famous performers come.In NS DANCING, we also work with students of all levels, including those who only started to get acquainted with dancing. Our students also participate in various festivals, showing talents and dance skills.

Moldova International Dance Festival

Where: Moldova
When: April 13 – 14, 2019
Photo of Moldova International Dance Festival
Moldova Dance Sports Association invites everyone to the annual International Ballroom Dance Festival in spring of 2019. This year this event will be organized already 8 times.
This is not just a festival; it is a whole program, which consists of two events. According to strict regulations, this will be the Open Amateur Grand Slam Cup 2019 tournament for performers of Latin American program and the Open to the World Pro / Am 2019 targeted at professional participants.
At this prestigious festival, people will see artists from 15 different countries. This event will bring you more positive and new acquaintances.

Kyiv International Kizomba Salsa Bachata Festival

Where: Kyiv, Ukraine
When: March 7-11, 2019
Photo of Kyiv International Kizomba Salsa Bachata Festival
If you are interested not only in bright shows by experienced performers, this dance festival will definitely interest you. In Kyiv, you are waited for as much as 80 hours of dancing, 3 days of seminars and master classes and entry of world-class stars from Portugal, Brazil, France, and Spain.

It does not matter how long ago you have been dancing or maybe you only want to master some kind of dancing. Richness and infinity of dance art cannot be expressed in words. You need to see it with your own eyes! Global dance festivals will give participants and spectators a great mood and vivid impressions for a lifetime. Such great events never fade from memory!

It will be a real celebration of grace, elegance, and talent. You will be really lucky if you manage to attend one of these festivals.