Spectrum of dances
for you to choose

We know you can dance. If you are in doubts regarding it, we can change your mind. In our dance studios we provides you a great number of Ballroom, Latin and American Rhythm dances for all age categories. We hold classes on more than 20 dances as Hustle, Waltz Swing or Merengue.

Your preferences and needs will be the focus on in our Dance classes — we just offer you all our services among which you pick those to meet your demands.
Why you should try ?

It is so pleasant to watch different dance TV shows, but it is better to take part! Each of the dances we teach has a unique history and graceful motions, which dazzle and make you want to learn to dance as well as start dance lessons.
We love dances for its rhythm since all dances in our dance studio have second to none features, e.g.:

  • Tango is passionate and danced close to each other. It is danced to dramatic musical compositions in a smooth way.
  • Rumba is famous for its hip motions as well as dynamic body actions. It has a bright nature.
  • Salsa has a spicy temper and vivid diverse music.

As you can see, dances are special and dancing to them, you may open something new for yourself.

Apart from being such a beautiful kind of sport, dancing will help you:

Check the web page to know more about dances we suggest – each dance has its own history. Reading about the history may help simplify your choice. If you are not certain, that is fine! Our studio professionals are there to help you! Make no bones about being a part of Orange County dance center, since we know all the steps and tricks to make your dancing dreams come true! Our floor is a good beginning for you to start gliding, turning, bouncing and expressing emotions through the dance!