Dance events 2019 are exciting performances and an endless storm of positive emotions! Only here you will feel how big and immense the universe of dance is.
If you have been practicing dancing for a long time, or have just recently started to get involved in this kind of art, then you probably wonder of world dancing championships and what is happening in the art world.
United States ballroom championship is one of the greatest events of the year. It has been organized since 1982 year! This is event with a great history and famous professional participants from Latin America and the USA. The competition will be held in March 2019.
World Dance Championship is a no less significant global event. Professionals of all studios in the world go to fight for the championship title. More than 30 countries of the world will take part in this festival. For participants, it is a great honor to feel part of an event that has a place in history. This event is organized at the end of July 2019 in the USA. And if you are still looking for your own dancing, then you can find out more information in this fascinating article of our blog.
Every year talented performers all over the world become better and stronger in dance championships. International dance events bring you the best artists in the world, creating for you a magical week and a weekend full of dancing, fun, learning, and emotions.
National dance events and world dance championships are held annually around the world. We will tell you what the most interesting and significant events in the world of dancing are expected in the world community in 2019.

The best events among United States dance championships

The Texas Salsa Congress
When: March 7-10, 2019
Where: Houston, Texas, The USA
Texas Salsa Congress 2019
The Texas Salsa Congress is one of the biggest global dance events in the world. The 2019 year is the anniversary jubilee for the Congress. After all, the event in Texas will be held 15 times already!
This is not just an American dance event; it is a celebration of joy and beauty. Teams from all over the world come to Texas to showcase their talents.
Texas Salsa Congress
Undoubtedly, there will be performers of salsa, jazz, bachata, and modern hip-hop. Texas Salsa Congress always captures the spirit of all participants, including the audience. Halls are always filled with applause and a storm of emotions.
Among all others, this particular Congress deserved great love and attention of amateur and professional performers from many countries of the world.
Emerald Ball Dancesport Championships
When: April 29 – May 5, 2019
Where: California, USA
Photo of Emerald Ball Dancesport Championships 2019
Emerald Ball Dancesport Championships is the world dance competition of the highest level for adult category of ballroom artists. Participants and guests await an extraordinary show of talented performers from around the world. All day you can enjoy a vivid performance.
It is great for those who for the first time want to feel the big stage at competitions in ballroom dancing. You can become a spectator of this beautiful event and enjoy the stunning spectacle.
Phoenix DanceSport
When: March 23, 2019
Where: Arizona,USA
Arizona Dancesport 2019
The main goal of this event is to promote ballroom dancing for amateur artists. Also, the Dancesport competition is aimed at spreading knowledge about dances, their benefits for mental and physical health.
Artists of all ages and skill levels can take part in the event. After all, this international dance sport competition is held to show all the beauty of ballroom dancing and share their benefits as an art form and Olympic sport.
The best way to know the Dancesport competition schedule in details is to stay tuned to the websites of the organizers. You can also find Dancesport competition calendar on the website of this event.

Others terrific dance competitions 2019

Cyprus Open World event
When: March 10, 2019
Where: Limassol, Cyprus
Photo of Cyprus Open World 2019
This is a great event, a real extravaganza of dance and movement! Professional ballroom dancers from around the world come here every year to demonstrate their talents and get the title of champion. The organizer of the competition is the Federation of Social and Sport Dance Cyprus.
IDO European couple dance championships
When: February 20, 2019
Where: Walbrzych, Poland
Photo of IDO European couple dance championships
Indeed, this is an unforgettable sight and significant event in the global dance industry. Here you can take part as the artist in child and adult category. However, the level is only professional.
Solo performances and pair dances of will be estimated by judges of the international class from Russia, Italy, France, and other countries. Therefore, a professional dancer can show off sowing on the big stage, and beginners can see and learn the skill.

Do not miss the opportunity to get a charge of positive emotions and reveal your talent on the stage with professionals in the most famous of United States dance championships! You see how rich and diverse the world of dance is! These dance events 2019 unites the culture and traditions of many nations. With the studio NS Dancing, you become a part of the unforgettable culture!

Do not miss the opportunity to get a charge of positive emotions ...