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Among people of different cultures, professions and ages, quite good dancers can be found. Furthermore, we possess timekeeping and even new-borns seem to have a sense of rhythm. Nature has given us an ability to dance and derive pleasure from it. However, people are far from the only species with a rhythm. Apart from us, many animals enjoy moving to the beat and getting into

The best fighter for the brain’s aging process is DANCING. There is no unique pill to stay young, healthy and safe from the brain declining even though this is what most of us would like. However, scientists confirm that one thing can support your health condition and sustain your brain to keep active and have a good memory. You know it well, it is dancing!

Dance to Keep Your Brain in Shape. Dancing is a right decision to enhance all parts of our body, especially our brain. Not to mention that it is fun to do. When dancing, we activate crucial areas of our brain, which assist us in remembering and learning as well as protecting us from developing mental diseases. How is this possible? Let us find out.

Lose weight the fun way. To stay happy, healthy and slim, I am sure you will agree that you have to put forth a great deal of effort or you can choose an easier way by dancing. Dance classes are good for losing extra pounds, which prevent you from living a full life. I think many people want to lose some extra weight these days.

Dancing can help your children to be more confident. What subject do your children need to study in order to be more confident? Geography or chemistry? The answer may surprise you. You probably never thought it would be dancing, but it is. Some parents may underestimate the power and profits of dancing. Dancing is known to help with having a sane mind, work out problematic

Dancing, a social activity? Dancing is a social activity! Have you ever thought of dancing as a way of building up your confidence and to be able to overcome social difficulties? Keep reading about some interesting facts that maybe you were not aware of, I think you may like what you will read.