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Do not miss the exciting OC dance events this fall 2019!
Orange County dance events fall 2019

What could be more interesting than an exciting dance show on a big stage? Words cannot convey what kind of impressions you can get by seeing with your own eyes incendiary ballroom dancing or a graceful classical program. This is such a drive that captures the spirit of admiration! Right now you will be in the center of the most anticipated dance events of autumn 2019 in Orange County, California.

The most popular and bright dance shows in the USA
Dance show - "So you think you can dance" Photo 01

Dancing is not only an amazing form of art but also a special kind of sport. The competitive spirit kindles the brightest flame in the hearts of the dancers who are fighting for the champion’s title. At NS Dancing, our students know this firsthand. Everyone wants to experience the sweet taste of victory. See how the dancers achieve wins on the TV show. These are the brightest numbers of dancers from different parts of the world! Find out what TV shows about dancing are the most popular and exciting in the USA.

2019 Embassy Ballroom Championships
2019 Embassy Ballroom (cover)

One of the most anticipated events in the dance world is the 2019 Embassy Ballroom Championships. You first hear about him, and the desire to become a participant in the competition burns in you with a bright flame? Then let’s take a closer look at the 2019 Embassy Ballroom Championships and find out all the fun.

Why is dancing a good hobby?
Dancing as a hobby for people of any profession

Do you devote all your time to work, and feel that it is time to change something? Then you need to try to start dancing as a hobby. Dance classes will allow you to reload your mind and refresh your thoughts. Their use is proven by scientists and tested by those who are already dancing. Join the dance lovers and change your life for the better!

Does dancing help lose weight
Slim girl in jeans large size

We, modern people, have a lot of things that create comfort for us every day: cars, shops within walking distance from home, elevators. Of course, we forget about all sorts of activity and sports, changing them for delicious food and extra pounds. It is time to say no to excess weight and start dancing! Why should you choose dancing to lose weight? The most compelling reasons you will find in this article.

Dancing for elderly people – why is it not late?
Dancing elderly people

Do you think that dancing is entertainment only for young people? You’re wrong! Dances are suitable for all ages. Dancing is not just an exciting pastime, but also an excellent cure for all diseases. They not only improve health but also open a second wind for a new life. Don’t waste a minute to learn more about the benefits of dancing for seniors!