Without a doubt, for many European countries, China and other Asian powers remain something unexplored. The centuries-old traditions, cultural values, and art fascinate tourists from all over the world. Of course, dancing is the epitome of beauty and folk customs. In Chinese culture, this is the thousand-hand Guan Yin dance. Let’s find out what lies behind its history.

Thousand-hands of Buddha dance history

The history of dance is rooted in Chinese, Korean and Japanese culture. Guanyin is the deity of mythology. It appears as a woman and saves people from misfortunes, saving people from all sorts of disasters. In addition, she advocates women and children.
In Buddhism, Kuan Yin people are honored as the Goddess of Mercy. Her full name is Kuan Shi Yin. In translation, it means “to watch the world and sounds”. That is why this divine being is a symbol of compassion and help for those who need it.
The goddess monitors the world and responds to people’s requests. It exists in the spiritual world, while Kuan Yin seeks into the material world to make the lives of ordinary people easier.

The Legend about Guanyin

Buddhist legend from the Full History of Guanyin and the Southern Seas (南海 觀音 全 撰) talks about how Guanyin made an oath to worry about all living things until they are free from problems and suffering.
The goddess tried out of all forces to help people, she saw their helplessness. Because of these aspirations and impulses to come to the rescue, the head of the goddess split into 11 parts. Buddha Amitabha noticed Guanyin woes and gave her 11 heads. So the goddess began to hear better many voices that need her.
At this point, the goddess tried to help ordinary people and noticed how her hands began to be torn apart. Amitabha helped her and gave her thousands of hands. Since then, Guanyin has been helping everyone who asks for it.Thousand Hands Guanyin Dance 02

The significance of thousand hands of Buddha dance

First of all, the thousand hand Guanyin dance is a symbol of enlightenment and compassion. Thousands of hands have a huge number of eyes. Through them, Kuan Yin sees everything that happens in the world and this is her great strength. By the way, the goddess can be not only in the image of a woman. It has many faces and can appear before a person in the appearance in which a person wants.
That is why the thousand-hand dance is not just a dance, but the embodiment of good and selflessness. In general, dances teach everyone to be sensitive and not to be indifferent to other people. Music and movement allow people to come closer and receive warmth. How this happens, we talk in this article.

Chinese dance of a thousand hands

In China, this unique dance is performed by deaf-and-dumb girls. This is an amazing dance! The goal of the dance is to show the national traditions and features in the movement of the hands.
All artists of dance are members of the Chinese People’s Art Troupe of People with Disabilities. They may not have the ability to hear music, but it is this fact that gives this dance a special meaning. In general, dances teach everyone to be sensitive and not to be indifferent to other people.
20 girls with disabilities, together with the main soloist, embody incredible ideas and choreographic compositions. They do not hear each other during the dance, but at the same time, they feel on the stage as a single whole in dance. Gold dresses and shiny hats shimmer superbly during smooth hand movements.
Can you imagine how difficult the process of training and preparation for the dance of one thousand hands is? A large role in the thousand hands Chinese dance is given to the director of the production. During the dance, the dancers carefully watch his gestures. When girls perform a thousand hands dance, they are very sensitive to the rhythm and the music character of the dance.
Thousand Hands Guan Yin Dance 03
If you still do not understand the greatness and beauty of this dance, watch a few videos on the Internet. Amazing smooth and graceful movements of dancers will make your heart stand still for a few seconds!

The popularity of thousand hands dance

By the way, Chinese dance thousand-hands is in great demand abroad. Especially Chinese dancers are loved and revered in Europe. The most ambitious performance of Thousand Hands Chinese dance for the first time won the audience in 2004 at the Paralympics in Athens.
By the way, speaking about the cost of dance performance, it is worth noting that this is not a cheap pleasure. One performance of dancers will cost 14764 US dollars.
The dancers’ schedule is set in a tight schedule for several years ahead because many countries are looking forward to them!

Friends, the dance of a thousand hands is an amazing sight! Neither money nor time can be regretted to see it live! Thousand-hand “Guan Yin” dance is a dance that combines the traditions of the present and the past.

Thousand-hand dance is not just a dance, but the embodiment of good and selflessness.