Disabled people can dance

Dances are popular among lots of people, including people with disabilities. Physically challenged people like to take part in different dance competitions. Thanks to the dance, people with disabilities gain self-confidence and help them feel a full-fledged member of society. Their life is filled with positive emotions and new acquaintances.

Waltz was Prohibited

Initially, Waltz was considered a dance that people should not be performing since both partners hold each other too close. In some European countries for the waltz came up with the rules – the maximum dance time was 10 minutes. That all changed in 1815, when the allies of European states celebrated the victory over Napoleon in Austria, dancing a new dance. From that moment on, the waltz ceased to be an indecent dance and gained popularity.An image of dancing waltz with a "forbidden" sign

«Rumba » means…

The name of the Rumba dance comes from the Spanish word «rumba », which means “to have a party”. Among all the dances, rumba is rightfully considered the deepest and most emotional dance. For many, rumba is informally a dance of love in which love and drama are intertwined.

The longest dance

David J.V. Meenan set the record for the longest and fastest tap dance. He danced over 23 miles (37 kilometers). The record was set in 1996, and it was recorded in the Gynese record book in 1998. By the way, the dance itself lasted more than 106 hours!

Non-stop dance

131 hours in 5 days – the British man Steve Stevenson was dancing to break the world record! Can you imagine full 5 days of unceasing dance? This is fantastic!

«Moonwalk» moves

Many of the pop stars created their own dance movements. Let us recall Michael Jackson and his «Moonwalk»! For the first time, Michael Jackson performed this dance technique in the Billie Jean clip in 1983. By the way, besides the legs, the dancer also moves his shoulders and head. This is what distinguishes the moonwalk from the popular backslide dance movement.Moonwalk from Michael Jackson

The largest dance class

In a dance world, August 2008 is famous for the biggest number of people in the dancing hall – the largest class brought in 989 participants. It was a ballet class. The organizer of such a grand event was Andrew Vorz, who gathered almost 1000 participants in the Cape Town shopping center in South Africa.

Set of 6 world records

The cast of the cabaret show “Moulin Rouge” in Paris set 6 world records. Sure thing, dancers were also rewarded for the enormous number of leg movements. In 1889, the whole of Paris was shocked by the appearance of a new bright show. Two of the six times Cabaret got into the Guinness Book of Records when its participants were able to make leg movements 29 times in 30 seconds. Then the girls set a new record, beating their old one and were able to raise their legs 30 times in 30 seconds.Сabaret show “Moulin Rouge"

Dance for the wealthy

In the beginning, ballroom dances were thought to be a kind of exclusiveness just for wealthy and privileged people. In the 17-19 centuries, ballroom dancing was indeed a secular event and only representatives of the nobility classes could dance them. In the 20th century, ballroom dancing began to be perceived as a relic of the historical past. But gradually, in the 20 years of the 20th century, they began to open training courses for trainers. So, a decade later, ballroom dancing has regained its popularity and became accessible to the general population.

100 years “young” dancer

Eileen Kramer is 100 years “young” and she is one of the eldest senior people, who still dances. She is also a choreographer. She was born in 1914 in Australia and connected her life with dance only in 24 years. All her life she traveled around the world and only in 99 years she returned to Australia. Surprisingly, at the age of 104, Eileen is still performing on stage, giving the audience a beautiful spectacle.
It is an endless list, you know! Visit us at our dance studio and we will tell more about dancing and then will dance to exhaustion. Come on!