Do you know which dance shows are the most popular and interesting on American television? Get ready, now we will tell about the brightest shows that are mandatory for home viewing.

1. “So You Think You Can Dance”

This show is an American show, first released on screens in 2005. It has more than 1 million viewers! At the time of the first appearance, it became so popular that its franchise was adapted to versions for 37 countries. Every year certain changes took place in the show, but in general, the idea remained the same. This is a competition in which amateurs and professionals participate. They show themselves in different dance styles: in the Latin American program, jazz, street dance, ballet, and others. Each week, the judges determine the candidate who will leave the project. The winner gets the top prize. Depending on the season of the show, it was a cash prize, a contract for a job or training.
Since there are always a lot of candidates for participation in the show, 20 people are left at the jury selection stage. This is the most ambitious project that is loved around the world. Here the viewer can see almost any dance style. Now on Fox has been broadcasting the 16th season of the dance show.

2. “Dancing with The Stars”

Photo of Dancing with the stars TV showThis show was a version of the British show “Strictly Come Dancing”. The first season of the show was released in 2005 on ABC. By the way, the show is still going on. The participants of the show are dancing couples, where one partner is a professional dancer, and the second is a well-known personality (singer, actor). Parter-professional acts as a mentor and choreographer for his couple. Judges and spectators vote for the couple’s favorite performance. Each time the show leaves the couple with the smallest number of votes.
In 2018, he debuted an additional 28 season for juniors. The release of the new season “Dancing with the Stars” is expected in the autumn of 2019.

3. “America’s Best Dance Crew”

Photo of America's Best Dance Crew TV show“America’s Best Dance Crew” (often abbreviated as ABDC) is one of the favorite shows of American audiences that aired on MTV in 2008. It attracts with its unusual format compared to other shows.
There is no strict division into dance styles in the rooms. The main thing is that music and movements come under modern dance. In addition, the show participants are dance teams. Each performance is an incendiary show, reminiscent of a theatrical performance. Spectators love this show for very bright dance numbers, beauty, and synchronism of movements.
As part of a single television show release, teams should prepare a number on a given topic. Until 2012, 7 transmission seasons were released and then it was no longer shown on TV due to its low rating. Then in 2015, the show went on the air again with the title “America’s Best Dance Team All-Stars: The Road to VMA”. The prize for which teams compete is $ 100,000 and the ABDC trophy.
While the authors of the show there is no official news about the release of new seasons. But we all look forward to it!

4. “The World of Dance”

Photo of The world of dance TV showThis is a television show, which premiered in 2017 on NBC. Here, solo artists and teams are dancing for 1 million US dollars. The judge is composed of Jennifer Lopez, Derek Howe, and Non-Io. The show has reached such popularity that viewers from 25 countries fell in love with it! By the way, the release of the new 4 seasons is expected in 2020.

We can look at three things endlessly: fire, water, and dancing! From the graceful movements and bright costumes of artists simply do not look away. The popularity of dance TV shows is 100% justified. The viewers are interested to observe the participants’ success with passion. Indeed, when you watch a dance show on TV, you unwittingly get involved in the atmosphere of play and dance and experience the same vivid emotions as the participants of the show on stage.

Enjoy beautiful dancing on TV shows and cheer for the participants!