Let’s imagine. Here we have a dance artist and a soccer player. It would seem that they may have something in common with completely different people? You will not believe, but many things bind dance and soccer. During the performance of the dance, the same muscles work as during the game of soccer players. What we can say: they are even injured in the same way.
Do you remember how soccer players react when they score a goal or win a match? The soccer player expresses the joy in the victory dance. The soccer celebrates a successful game by showing his emotions with dance. You see, that dance is a pleasant way of helping athletes share positive emotions.
Maybe one of you knows about the benefits of dance for soccer players. Now we will tell in what and how this advantage is shown. You will know how dancing help soccer players to achieve high results and how much do they have in common.

Strength and speed

We are used to thinking that the more an athlete and an ordinary person, the stronger he is. This is not true. Soccer players are about 3 times the size of a regular dancer. At the same time, dancing artists are exceptionally strong and well-muscled.
Dance techniques require absolute precision in movement. In this regard, their muscles are adapted to be strong, and at the same time do not have excess volume.
For some players, excessive muscle mass can damage and prevent them from being quick and sharp in the game. For this reason, Cristiano Ronaldo which got his first Gold Ball in 2008 every day trains the lagging muscles about 30-40 minutes for endurance, and not for growth and volume. This is why athletes need to examine muscles in detail in the gym in order to maintain their strength and remain technical.
Force is not a speed hitch. Both soccer players and artists understand that quick movements are easier to perform when all muscles are relaxed. While muscle tension cannot achieve high speed in the game or dance.
Interesting fact that English player Theo Walcott can accelerate to 36.15 km / h! Fantastic, right? To do this, players need to have excellent power in which they give energy for that speed.
Therefore, it is very useful and it is necessary to take advantage of these two states. Performing dancing, it is important to do some etudes very quickly. In a soccer match, you also need to quickly and accurately work your feet to achieve high results and the game.
Dancing soccer players 02


This is the main weapon. With accuracy, dance artists can incorporate the work of the right muscle groups, making movements smooth and confident. In soccer, the situation is this: during one game, the speed and pace of the game change every minute from a minimum to a maximum. Playing accurately and technically, soccer players can save a high level of energy and move around the field hard throughout the match.
With accuracy, dance artists can incorporate the work of the right muscle groups, making movements smooth and confident. So you can see another striking similarity between dance and soccer. Both soccer and dancing require precision. It allows you to achieve the same results with less cost of muscle energy.

Flexibility and balance

Flexibility and dancing are inseparable friends. And this is understandable. After all, dancing is literally based on the harmony of balance and flexibility. Flexibility gives all movements and dances grace, length, and beauty. The development of flexibility, especially in dance, has a positive effect on overall health. By the way, you can read more about the benefits of dancing in this article.
At NS Dancing, we always focus on developing the flexibility of our students. The good condition of the ligaments and tendons prevents injuries and contributes to the even distribution of the load on all muscle groups in any kind of dance.
By the way, no training takes place in soccer without stretching. Flexibility directly affects the amplitude of each movement of a soccer player. The better the muscles are warmed and stretched, the better and more effective the player will be able to include them in the work.
Dancing soccer players 03
Speaking of balance, it is impossible not to mention that it is important in any sport and dance. Dancing artists perform various jumps on one leg, for example, Allegro, twist pirouettes, and many other complex elements. How can this be accomplished without being able to keep a balance? This skill is essential in the art of dance.
Soccer players also need to keep balance, performing tricks with the ball or to deftly bypass the enemy. The better he manages this, the more complex tricks he can show on the field.

Concentration and again the concentration

Let’s remember what requires the attention of a soccer player during the game? A lot of things. This position of players on the field, and thoughtful tactics, and elements of the strategy of the game. In order to remember and keep in mind all combinations, players must concentrate as much as possible at the right moment.
For a dancing artist, it is more important than ever to perform an exact dance element at the right moment, ideally to perform a complex combination without errors. In dancing, you always need to know when and what to perform, with what speed and accuracy.
Obviously, in soccer and dancing, different techniques and exercises are used to train the skill of concentration. However, this skill will help to avoid mistakes and show high efficiency, both on the soccer field and on the stage.
Did you know that even famous soccer players sometimes practice at the dance machine? Yes, this is not a joke. This is a very real fact. Dance classes contribute to the soccer victory. This is true for athletes of any level from amateurs to professionals. By the way, the coach can take note of this. Include periodic dancing classes for your players, and you will see how they will benefit the athletes in achieving an excellent result.
To summarize, what physical skills should be developed for both dancers and soccer players:

You have to remember about each of them. It is necessary to work on all the skills evenly and train regularly. For example, the famous ballroom dancer from England Tony Irving devotes 5-10 minutes of stretching, balance and flexibility in one dance class. And in the other focuses on strength and speed. It helps him to maintain a high level of all skills.
Try to build training in the same way and estimate the result.

And who said that dance is for girls? Dancing is a physically difficult task. To master it, you need regular training, endurance, and dedication. Maybe soccer and dance seem to be very different sports and art that are not close to each other, but how much useful and common they give people who are passionate about soccer and dance.

Try to use the advantages of dance in your sport and feel its benefits from your own experience.