If you are just starting your journey in the world of dance or are an experienced dancer, then you probably understand how it is important to know what to wear to dance class.
Clothing determines how you feel during your workout. The comfort of choreography and the ability to move quickly and gracefully depend on the choice of dancewear. Moreover, both clothes and dances influence the dancer’s health. We have described this in detail in this article.
And now let’s look at what clothes for dance practice it is worth to use so that you and your partner feel comfortable and do not get hurt during training.

What to wear to Latin dance class

Today Latin dance is a very popular style. Fast rhythm and incendiary music require the dynamics of each movement. The best choice to dance practice clothes for women would be knee-length dresses of stretching fabric. Also, relevant dresses with cuts that allow movement more quickly and easily.
The skirt should be so free and so long that you can take a step yourself and your partner can easily make the necessary movements with their legs. When choosing a blouse, give preference to knitted short-sleeved blouses. Dance partners must have the quickest and most convenient access to each other.
Shoes should be low-heeled to 7 centimeters of natural leather. By the way, Jazz-sneakers are perfect for warming up at the beginning of a workout.Men can opt for regular jeans and a comfortable shirt or short-sleeved T-shirt. Take care that you don’t feel hot in these clothes.
Properly dressed students in a dance lesson 01
First of all, thinking about what to wear to a salsa class do not forget that ballroom dancing is a dance of partners, where there should be mutual understanding and a great feeling for each other. And your clothes should not hurt you and especially your partner.

What to wear to a swinging class

Swing is dynamic and fun dance. Therefore, clothing should be light, free and not holding down the movement. For women, the good variant is skirts of medium length and shoes made of suede and leather with low heels. By the way, if you are worried that the skirt is high, then you can wear shorts or body.
Also, a convenient form for practicing swinging class is leggings and a vest in which you would feel great.Properly dressed students in a dance lesson 02
For some reason, everyone misses the importance of hair in a pair dance. The girl’s loose hair can hit her partner and as a result, one of the dancers can get injured. To avoid this, it is better to remove the hair in a ponytail or a tight bun. Both partners should not use varnishes and styling gels, as this is not a performance, and after half an hour of training, you will already feel discomfort on your head.
Men will be comfortable dancing in cotton shirts or T-shirts and loose trousers. You should not wear jeans, because in them you can not move very well and spin in dance.

What to wear to a ballroom dance class

Please note a few important rules:
The first moment is the waist and chest. In this department should be a minimum of fabric and jewelry. But this does not mean a complete lack of clothing. Just make sure that the amount of fabric and free edges is not large and does not interfere with you or your partner.
The second rule is the open surface rule. It will be extremely uncomfortable for your partner or partner to hold the shoulder or back, which is wet from sweat. Therefore, these parts of the case should be covered with a soft cloth.
Practicing pair dance, you will be comfortable in shorts. Short and soft shorts contribute to the quick and accurate work of the legs and do not interfere with the technique of circling and paired supports.
Properly dressed students in a dance lesson 03
Speaking of training shoes, pay attention to natural leather shoes. For beginners fit shoes with a heel of no more than 5 centimeters. For men, the best option is a comfortable non-dirty tunic on the floor of light fabric. Men’s shoes allow shoes up to 4 centimeters.

Dance class clothes for kids

When choosing a dance costume for a child, remember that plain fabric is not suitable for sewing. When sewing dancewear uses a special stretching fabric.
Children will enjoy dancing if their training clothes are colorful, not gray or faded. What do little girls wear to dance class? Colorful dresses of comfortable fabric look very impressive on girls. Be sure to think about the color of the dress, focusing on the type of girl. Also, a good choice for girls will be training bodysuits, leggings or tights. There should not be an excess of cloth, jewelry and large buckles in clothes.
Take care that the girl does not have large jewelry and large buttons with sharp corners. This is necessary to protect both the girl and her partner from trouble. You also do not need to wear gloves for training, as they complicate paired support, especially for beginners.Properly dressed kids in a dance lesson
It’s easier for boys to choose dancewear than girls. This may be a tunic or a set of dark trousers and a light shirt. Both for both girls and boys, experts recommend choosing varnish or leather shoes with a heel up to 3 centimeters.

When choosing clothes for dancing, think not only about how you will look, but also take care of your partner. In any case, when the thought of “What should I wear to dance class” has visited you, this is already good. So, you care about your health and comfort during a dance lesson. And it is right. At NS Dancing dance studio, we, along with our students, carefully approach the details of the training process, including the choice of the training form.

Comfortable clothes allow you to focus on dancing and improving your skills.