As a rule, when we hear the word “dancing” it is, we associate it with entertainment, leisure or professional sports. But very rarely do we think that dancing is a therapy for diseases at any age and we don’t know anything about the benefits of dancing for seniors.

Dance therapy for elderly

There are many benefits of dancing for seniors. For older people, dancing is not just a way to express their emotions, it is also an alternative to traditional methods of treating and preventing diseases.
Dancing has many positive effects on mental and physical health. By the way, we already talked about some physical benefits here. And now let’s figure out what and it was the dance that deserved such an honorable place in improving the life and health of the elderly.

What scientists say about dancing for the elderly

Research is conducted annually in many countries. One of the latest research papers by American scientists from the University of Missouri has shown that dancing by 80% improves vascular tone and generally improves the functioning of the circulatory and cardiovascular systems.
Also in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing scientific journal research was published by scientists from the University of Aristotle in Thessaloniki. They proved that dancing helps older people improve heart function in heart failure.
During dance exercises for senior citizens the speed of movements, including walking, increases. Also significantly increases the level of coordination and orientation in space. Moreover, in order to dance well, participants have to memorize movements, understand a partner and listen to music.
At this point, the brain turns on most actively. The activation of mental processes prevents the development of dementia and one of the most dangerous diseases – Alzheimer’s disease. So, in older people, life expectancy in a sound and clear mind increases.
Dancing elderly people 01

Types of dance for the elderly

For senior dancers, one of the important criteria for choosing a dance direction is to maintain stable blood pressure during classes. After all, most movements involve speed, accuracy, and high-speed performance. And this makes it difficult and dangerous for the health of an elderly person. In general, ballroom dancing for the elderly has many advantages.
According to the latest data, scientists called the waltz and tango the most suitable dances for the elderly.
Waltz is a beautiful and graceful dance. Its smooth and unhurried movements calm down well and have a positive effect on the respiratory system. During the waltz, the dancers are well-involved muscles of the whole body. It helps to develop the musculoskeletal system, maintaining the health of the ligaments and joints.
Tango is a more emotional dance but is also well suited for dancers of all ages. The basic dance moves are simple and easy to perform. After a month of regular tango classes, you can say goodbye to back and joint pains. After all, they hold down the movements of people and do not allow them to enjoy a full life.
In old age, it is especially important that the classes take place under the supervision of an experienced teacher. At NS Dancing, we treat our students with great responsibility and pay maximum attention to everyone during the lesson.
Tango dancing by elderly people

New friends and communication

Very often, elderly people do not have enough like-minded people and close friends. After all, time goes on and friends are getting smaller. Most elderly people are lonely people who lack communication. And support and understanding are important at any age.
Dance classes for the elderly allow you to surround yourself with really interesting people, who with warmth and attention take each other into their social circle. Dancing is, first of all, interaction with each other and communicate, which charges with positive and energy. And these positive emotions are just what you need to feel energetic and healthy.

Dance classes are quite a universal hobby. A person does not need to have a professional level of physical fitness. The most important thing is desire! And no matter how old you are. You can dance beautifully to great music at any age. Do not forget how many benefits of dancing for seniors exist and remember that movement is life!

For older people, dancing is also an alternative to traditional methods of treating and preventing diseases.