The everyday life of a modern person is a high level of stress, tension, and risk in various fields. The rapid pace of life and lack of control over their health, nutrition, and activity lead to chronic fatigue, depression and other diseases. We are often inattentive to well-being: “It’s not scary; I just did not get enough sleep. The weather is bad, I take a pill and everything will pass, I will relax.”
I cannot say that this is the right decision. It is fundamentally wrong. Tablets and pills are not the way out. This is just a way to drown out the symptoms and put it off until later: “And then, I’ll figure it out, I felt better.”
The majority will think that this is nonsense. However, it is not so. More than 350 million people in the US suffer from depression. According to the World Health Organization, depression is like an epidemic and now it is the most common cause of time off at work or sick leave.
Antidepressants and psychotropic drugs are prescribed in the USA by a general practitioner. While in other countries, only psychotherapists and psychiatrists are entitled to it. This already says a lot


Medicare is not needed

Throw out my friends, I suggest you throw all your pills to hell and stop poisoning your body with chemicals. You remember how in childhood parents told us: “There’s nothing to sit at home, go outside, take a walk, breathe air and move around». That’s where the truth is! Fresh air and movement. That’s what you need to take in heavy artillery when dealing with depression and stress. And not jars with vials of magic medicine.


Dancing is our everything

Movement and air are good. What about music? We have forgotten that music helps relieve tension and has a positive effect on the nervous system. And let’s connect everything together: air, music, and movement? What we get – dancing! Yes, it is dancing, that’s what you need when you are in a bad mood and have headaches or experience.
Researchers in Australia organized a two-week experiment involving 41 volunteers. The research showed that dancing improves not only the physical but also the mental state. The participants were divided into 2 groups: some practiced tango for 1.5 hours every day, while another group took traditional medicines and antidepressants. As a result, members of the 1st group had trouble sleeping, their quality of life improved, and their overall mood improved. And the 2nd group – no changes have occurred. These results were continuing for several months after the experiment.

Dancing is the best medicine.

Dancing, that’s what you need when you are in a bad mood and have headaches or experience.


Psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich in his scientific work “Analysis of personality” was the first, who proved that dancing will help save on doctors, nutritionists, and tablets. From experiencing emotions, a person forms muscle clamps. Blood circulation is disturbed; the work of the nervous and hormonal systems is deteriorating. This is how headaches, memory problems, fatigue, and irritability begin.
Dancing helps get rid of muscle tension. This is how a neuromuscular connection is established, putting feelings and thinking in order. And the most important is the head. In addition, when we dance, endorphins and hormones of happiness are released.


To your taste and color

Of course, now there’s nothing – both classics, and Latin, and sports dancing. Choose the kind of dance to your taste. You can learn a graceful ball dance. If you feel passionate and temperamental, then you are capable of tango, salsa or rumba. Dance classes are always aimed at harmonizing body and soul, improving physical and mental health. Moreover, rhythms and incendiary music will not leave you indifferent.

Do not hesitate if you are new and just get acquainted with the dances. This art form is available to everyone. All you need is your desire and optimistic attitude to learning new skills. Dynamic movements, beautiful musical compositions, and positive emotions – you will forever forget what stress, anxiety, and depressions are.

‘Dancing gives us energy, great mood, and cheerfulness!’