Maybe you are asking yourself: “How can it make your mind healthy?” People understand that your body can get healthy, but did not know it can affect your mind also, I am serious. Let me tell you this and you will be surprised.
The human brain advances in years at 24 years of age, while the average life expectancy was estimated to 72 years of age in 2016. Many people do not want to hear that life expectancy is short. Do you? Not me!
Our brain is in retreat under the pressure of many factors like stress, bad environment, alcohol intake, smoking, and of course age. Yes, I mentioned some things that people like to do, but let’s get real. These things can have a bad effect on your body. Getting older really does not help either.


Shocking truths

One of the most widespread kinds of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. In the USA, 5.7 million people live with this condition and 47 million people worldwide have this disease. I am sure by now you have heard of Alzheimer’s or maybe know of ones that have it. Are you on this list? You may be surprised at what can be done to help prevent this disease. Anti-aging compounds cannot be made to help prevent it. What is the answer?


Dancing brings about behavioral changes

Let’s get back to the question: “How does dancing help your brain?”
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience shared useful data on how seniors can prevent body and brain aging just by being involved in dancing. This method seems to have the most prominent effect. We have all heard how exercises can have a big impact on one’s health, do you agree? I am positive that no one would say no.
An experiment was conducted between two different types of physical load, dancing and endurance training. It was established that despite both of them having a positive influence on brain functioning, dancing also brings about behavioral changes. Seniors mainly 68 years of age participated in the experiment. Wow! How brave they are.
They were divided into two groups, where one group attended 18-month weekly dance sessions and another one took endurance training. It sounds like they were really ready to reach their goal. While fitness programs consist of repetitive exercises, dancing requires participants to recall the routines.

Dancing improves mental activity photo 01

Did they reach their goal? Of course, yes! Without any hints from their dance instructor, they had to remember the steps while being under the pressure of time, and these participants had better results.


Dancing! Dancing! Dancing!

Well, are you ready now to start dancing? We know how dancing helps with Alzheimer’s but it also helps with relaxation and calmness, which are achieved due to the higher level of endorphins. Who is not ready for relaxation and calmness.
I know I am!
Are you aware that dancing will boost your self-confidence, enhance social skills and regulate emotions?  It will even help reduce agitation. You can have these benefits just by dancing but this is not all. Are you sure, you may say?
Yes, we are sure.
Now based on the given study, the group of researches developed a brand-new system “Jymmin”, a mix of gymnastics and jamming. Who would not want to try this? The system is specially oriented to dementia patients since it generates sounds centered around physical activity and the people living with dementia react quite strongly when listening to music.
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If you want to live a full and healthy life, then people in all ranks of society should consider physical activity as a method to prolonging life and being healthier. Dancing can help to achieve this goal since it is both a challenge and a remedy.

Seniors can prevent body and brain aging just by being involved in dancing