Group dance classes

Beautiful woman dancing a slow dance with a handsome man in dancing studio with other dancing couples in background

What is a group dance lesson? First of all, it is fun. You have a great chance to learn to dance in a friendly atmosphere, having nice people with the same dance goals around you.


Our group dance classes are directed for all dance levels – from beginner to advance.


All groups are small since our aim is not to have as many students in one group, but to learn to dance for results. We engage students and pay enough attention to each of them.




Why group dance classes are popular?


  • Low price. It is a significant factor for many people that are searching for affordable dance classes.
    Make your personal group. Just grab a needed number of friends and go dancing altogether.
  • Making new friends. Group dance classes are a nice way to meet people. Since group lessons are of a social nature, you share the dance floor and rhythm with other people. Such an atmosphere lets you learn to dance interactively and have a lot of fun.
  • Confidence! Attending group lessons and interacting with new people, will boost your confidence, which will always be with you.
  • Review and practice. Group classes are good for their constant practice. You will have many people around to watch and it will help improve yourself if there are any difficulties.
  • Group dance classes give you an opportunity to train with different people. It ideal variant, so it will not be difficult to have different partners. What is more, changing partners, you will better understand your dance role and pattern.

As you can see, group classes are of positive impact. In our dance studio, we will teach you steps, patterns, timing, and balance, while you enjoy the process with many people while making new friends. Let’s get started dancing!

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