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At our dance studio, we are eager to use all efficient teaching methods, so you can take notice of the results as soon as possible. There are a few options that will help increase the efficiency of the learning process. We choose a mini goal for each individual student. We help prepare you for your events even (fun mini competition between dance studios) or showcase. Our teachers use meaningful approaches to get you ready for:

Our dance studio holds showcases in March, July, and November; so students can choose any of them and take as much time as needed to be prepared.

Why the showcases are so good?

  • You can pick your own selection of your favorite music and dances.
  • According to your selection, Sergio or I will choreography a little routine to your music selection.
  • Students have an opportunity to dance with the instructor or with each other.
  • Showcases will be like “Dancing with the Stars” experience, only without any pressure and competition.


Do not miss the chance to dance with us and create beautiful memories and at the same time, you will push yourself a little harder (because we all want to dance our best).

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