Photo dance workshop

Everybody knows that practice makes perfect. If you want to achieve your dance goals quite quickly, enhance your skills and take them to a new level, do not hesitate to try our workshops.


What is this?

Special group class to practice particular details and polish up acquired skills, such as arm styling, turns and spins.


Why should you try?

Dance workshops are an ideal choice to become more experienced and confident in dancing. Our workshop combines both dance practice and teacher’s additional explanations and shows how to perform exercises without difficulties and in an efficient way. All patterns are demonstrated by our teachers – Nataliya and Sergio. Nataliya gives workshops for female groups, where they improve not only technical dance movements, but also work upon styling, confidence, and awareness. Sergio helps you to refine on Standard and Latin techniques. He will show different exercises and explain patterns in an easy and efficient way. A beneficial way of having more success in dancing is by visiting workshops and at the same time having fun.


For whom?

Workshops held by our dance studio are good for students who already have some dances experience.



Workshops take place once a month on Sunday, from 12pm to 1pm, you usually train for 60 minutes. Observe the posted workshop schedule on our website and Facebook.


How much?

Depending on the locations, the price for a workshop is $20 or $30.

If you need more information about workshops or you decided to dance with comfort and easy, then feel free to call us if you have questions. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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