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One of the best ways to keep a beautifully fit is ballroom dancing. This kind of art has won millions of admirers all over the world, including America. According to statistics, every third resident of the country has attended a ballroom dance studio.

Why is it so popular?

As one reporter put it, America is going crazy in ballroom dancing – the lessons are being taken by people of all ages. According to actress Jennifer Grey, sparkling in “Dirty Dancing”, this is the most fun way of training, which encourages the body to produce hormones of happiness. Her example has inspired millions of people to attend a ballroom dance course.

Modern ballroom dances give you an opportunity to build youthful energy and a fit body to develop better posture. It is good training for all groups of muscles and safe cardio. Over time, the person begins to move easily and gracefully. Dancing can have a beneficial effect on the immune system, strengthening of the heart helps increase endurance and ability to work. The atmosphere from the ballroom classes can have positive effects on the emotional state of the person.

Learning how to dance in our ballroom dance studio in Orange County can give you some great benefits, which include:

  • opportunity to expand your circle of friends,
  • adults and children become more relaxed and self-confident.
  • They develop a sense of style and rhythm, improving their musical ear.


The popularity of this accessible type of art is easily explained by the great variety of events on which you can show off your skill: social dance balls, festive events, wedding parties. Our ballroom dance classes are for childrenadults, even elderly people. The only restriction is that the student must be over four years old

Historical background

From the beginning, ballroom dances were performed only by representatives of the high society at ceremonial receptions and balls. Over time, those wishing to dance became even more. With the advent of ballroom competition, they had to establish a generally accepted technical standard, for which England organized a council on ballroom dancing.

This is some of the highlights of our ballroom dance studio. We warmly invite you to be one of our students and be part of our family of dancers.

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