Learn to dance for a wedding

Photo of couple performing a wedding dance

The White wedding day is a grand occasion, which the fiancé and fiancée want this day to go off with a bang. Weddings are accompanied by noteworthy dance preparations since the newlywed’s dance will be the most magical first dance they share together after becoming husband and wife.


A great number of couples start learning a dance for the big day by taking pre-wedding lessons and even after the marriage ceremony they seem to continue taking dance lessons. Couples like to make it a priority of learning to dance, by attending wedding dance classes and private lessons.


There is a great variety of wedding dances to choose from, but the most common are ballroom wedding dances – they are made up of graceful and elegant moves, that many always enjoy watching this performance.

The most popular wedding
dance is Waltz and Rumba,
but Bachata is becoming more popular as a first dance these days and leads the list of Orange County`s favorite wedding dances. If you are looking for something more classic or creative, we can also offer you such dances as:

Wedding dance origin

Dancing traditions dating as far back as the 17th century appeared in the days of the Kings and Queens. Wealthy families were holding balls and special events used to take place there. It was the First Dance — solemn opening of the ball. Guests of honor – people of royalty or high rank had the first dance of the evening function. As soon as the first dance had been finished, everyone else could then dance. This old-day custom and even social norm have now translated to contemporaneous weddings.

The bride and groom perform the first dance for a wedding reception – it is a moment when everything around them stops and there is nothing, but him and her. However, today there are not nearly as many adults and young adults who have dance skills.


And how then to make your first wedding dance the one and only? One sure thing is, wedding dance classes will do you good. Before one of the most important days of a couple of life, quite a lot of people attend wedding dance lessons in various dance studios and schools.

We provide you:

Diverse wedding dances

Wedding dance is not only about the just-married couples first dance. This event opens the dance evening for all guests. Sometimes to add the celebration to an atmospheric look everybody will dance the same dance, so all those present have chemistry. To realize this idea, they visit groups on wedding dances and practice how to dance. The ceremony is often followed by many variables but at the same time similar significant dances between:

  • father of the bride / the bride dance
  • bride’s parents dance
  • groom / and his mother dance
  • groom’s parents dance

Tips for first dance preparations

  • Choose a meaningful song for both of you. If it is to difficult, we can help you
  • Pick the style of dance. Definitely, the dance should suit your personalities
  • Practice dancing in your wedding shoes, since dancing in heels feels differently than dancing in smooth soled shoes
  • Record the process and after watching the video you may want to improve the technique

We would love to prepare you for this special momentous day of your life! Join us and dance a variety of different ways and have fun.

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