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When you are ready to choose some entertainment with activity, you should pay attention to Swing dance you can dance in many occasions, like B-Days, bridal reception parties, parties and dancing functions. People all over the whole world go to Swing dance lessons to meet new friends and have a lot of fun with significant profit.

What is Swing?

Swing is the name of the partner ballroom dance, started in America in the 1930s. The history of Swing dance dates beyond the dim and distant past and joined Afro-American roots. It is noted for its prominent body motions, involving arms, legs, and torso dancing to rhythmic music. Swing gave birth to other dance types as East Coast and West Coast Swing.
Notably, music and a sporting chance to feel independent has brought Swing into the mainstream.


East Coast Swing

It is better-loved and easy even for the new-comers ball dance routine, which gained much popular appeal and impelled people to turn East Coast Swing dance lessons out after the movie Swing Kids or A Lady Takes a Chance. It is accounted to be one of the many-sided dances, so you can perform it in the ballroom and the bar room as well.

West Coast Swing

Characterized by a sluggish pace and danced to modern music. The variability of music to dance to is enormous – it can be a club, blues, and even pop music. People love to learn West Coast Swing because of its slow and fast tempo and the opportunity to work with music.


Do not miss the chance to express your inner dancer. We have a great number of people who have a preference to dance swing and enjoy the sense of liberty that comes with it. Take sensible clothing and footwear with you – we will move a lot at our Swing classes and you will never have a dull moment!

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