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Salsa dance classes are the real thing you should see about if you feel like lighting a fire in your event. It is widespread due to its burning and joyful temper.


Salsa dance is somewhat more than several rhythmic motions, it is a worldwide movement which connects thousands of people.

Salsa dance origin and global vogue

Having Afro-Caribbean roots, Salsa was originated in New York in the 1970s. First of all, this dance has grown in fandom thanks to Salsa music, which connects various sounds and styles. Salsa dance has gained much attention across the USA and countries of Asia and Europe.


Salsa has such variations as:

  • Colombian Cali-style
  • Casino or Cuban-style
  • Miami style
  • LA style
  • NY style
  • Cuban style

Salsa dance features

Salsa dancing is all about quick footwork and hip motions. It cannot be imagined without turns and arm work.

To other Salsa peculiarities we refer:

  • Many spins and turns
  • Shoulder shimmies – solo motions
  • Break steps
  • Eye contact
  • Fewer hip motions
  • Playful and artistic performance

Salsa for everybody

Being so various, Salsa’s smooth motions and sparkling nature encourages people to admire it, that is why they attend Salsa dance studios. Try taking dance classes, learn how to dance and finally do the Salsa!


If you have not tried Salsa yet, then we invite you to dance the Salsa with us, it is so easy and exciting to go into an inspiring dance world! At our Salsa lessons in Orange County, you will get a chance to feel young with mind and body. It is our turn to teach you this catchy dance; it will be your turn to feel happy!


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