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Foxtrot is a favorite among ballroom dances. The author of the modern version is Harry Fox, who invented the dance in 1913 for the New York show. In the 1930s, the imagination of the American public was impressed upon by the lightness and sensuality of the Foxtrot that Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire danced. It is not surprising that the couple became a legend of Hollywood cinema.
Slow Foxtrot is an advanced version of the classic Foxtrot, which seems to be one of the favorite dances among not only skilled dancers but also dilettantes. This kind of ballroom dance has won the recognition from the public since its introduction in the 1920s and up to now.


Our dance studios are accepting new guests to learn this smooth and romantic dance. People all over the world are inspired by this classy dance from appreciable Hollywood films as “Wedding Planner” and “Dirty Dances” to join foxtrot studios and learn to dance it.

Slow Foxtrot
distinctive features

Slow Foxtrot differs a little from its originator, having long-drawn, gliding steps and flowing style. Watching this dance, it may seem slow foxtrot looks lazy and dancers make no significant effort to perform. But it is not so. Slow foxtrot needs much control to mix both slow and quick moves.


It gained popularity across America, Europe, and Canada because of its dreamy nature, beautiful appeal and easy walking steps and side steps. Swing-style music is a nice decision for foxtrot dancing.

Slow Foxtrot for any occasion

Slow Foxtrot can be danced anywhere, you can dance it at any event and venue you want:


Such a multipurpose make this dance the American peoples darling. Remember, we do not know the words “I have two left feet” or “Dancing is not my cup of tea”. Slow Foxtrot has gained the affection of many people and you can become one of these enthusiasts!

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