Most of us probably think about changing our body shape in one way or another. That most likely means going on some type of diet. Who really likes to diet and give up those yummy desserts? Maybe you say, you need to do some exhausting training or even surgery. Then dance lessons are the thing for you. I want to say that you can have a great figure just by dancing and it really is a lot of fun moving around on the dance floor. You may say “it’s not for me”, but wait and see what others did.


Everybody can slim down with dancing

One of the most effective ways of staying fit today is by dancing. I am sure you have seen, “Dancing with the Stars” TV show? How many of the stars come and start dancing and learn how to dance like a pro? Not only do the stars learn how to dance but they end of sliming down and change their body figure. Many lose 40 or more pounds and love the changes in themselves.

A prominent example is Kelly Osbourne, who has lost over 40 pounds while competing on “Dancing with the Stars”. The singer is known as the brightest transformation on the show. According to Kelly, the combination of dance rehearsals along with a healthy diet are her path to success.


Fat-burning dances

Who is not ready for some “fat-burning dances?” I am sure it sounds like something fun to you. The Journal of Physiological Anthropology says, dancing even helps with obesity, the same as jogging would and is thought of as an efficient way to remain healthy and maintain a great shape.If you want dances that are energetic and burn a bunch of calories, then Ballroom dances and especially Latin style dances are for you.

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Did you know that just by dancing for an hour you can burn off 250-400 calories? This sounds like really great news to hear, wouldn’t you agree? So, I say, bring on the fat burning dances! This is the reason, Samba and Salsa dances are often chosen when people want to lose weight, as they are fast paced and have many active motions, like turns and twisting.

Today dancing is considered one of the most effective,… methods to stay fit.