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What is Bachata dance? To put it shorter, it is a party. But let’s go into details.

Bachata is both a musical and dance style with Dominican roots. It is a kind of dramatic dance, telling stories about romance, heartbreak, and loss. In such a manner, this is not just a mix of motions, but a real performance.


Danced by rhythmic music. Its international popularity across the United States and European counties is expanding; it is danced at family and friend gatherings, parties, dance evenings and in the clubs. People across the globe start attending Bachata dance schools to stay fit and energetic.

Bachata origin

Bachata is quite a young dance. It emerged in the early 20th century in Cuba. Initially, this dance music was disregarded by the Dominican elite, but time passed by and Bachata turned into cultural property. People started playing music and dancing the Bachata openly, as well as learning how to dance it.

Bachata is a favorable dance among lots of nations, so people enjoy dancing it, visiting Bachata lessons and developing their skills.

Bachata characteristics

Bachata is a beloved dance because of its variant motions, which depend on the music. Among all the moves and features, the most distinguishing ones are:

  • Natural hips motions
  • Bent knees
  • Less upper body motions
  • Both opened and closed embraces
  • Arm communication
  • Pushing and pulling hand motions


In our Bachata dance studio, we provide you the right floor to start dancing and improving yourself, as well as a team of professionals that will be your Bachata dance guide. Don’t be shy to cut a rug!

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